Banded Stronger Together

At the end of October, Luna Fibers received some devastating news. A well-known indie dyer was diagnosed with cancer. Her cancer is aggressive and deadly, however, there is treatment available… with a 70 % success rate – she, unfortunately, does not have medical aid and the waiting list for this treatment is 6 months at a government hospital. According to the specialist, she will not make it to the 6-month mark. Her family and friends have come up with half of the funds to pay for her treatment. This leaves a shortfall of around 150k.

I’m not sure if you are aware but Lucy (my beautiful mom) is a warrior.  She has melanoma cancer that has metastasized to her liver, she has been living with terminal cancer for the last 7 almost 8 years, so as you can imagine this hit us rather close to home.  Instead of feeling helpless we have decided to do something to assist.

BANDED STRONGER TOGETHER is the result of this decision – a wristband for a supporter “No One Fights Alone” with the colour ribbon to support their loved ones, and “Nice Try Cancer But I’m Still Here” for survivors and warriors. They are 100% leather and come in a cotton bag and a card to show the reason behind the initiative.  At the end of the band, there are 4 holes for colour cotton requested by the buyer to make a little cross-stitch for cancer that affects their lives – Black for melanoma, pink for breast cancer ETC.

This could not have come about without the collaboration of some awesome people who opened their hearts to this initiative and deserve a special mention, Chantal from Be Inspired ran with putting together a fabulous back story, Claire from Design by Claire who designed the logo, Lauren owner of Yarn@ZelLe for her support, Surene for the photos from Nova Photgraphy and Maureen for her encouragement and assistance.

The first allocated funds have been distributed to 2 of the ladies to ease the financial burden this disease has placed on their shoulders and this is the response “Thank you so much. It all helps. I am in tears but feel very loved and grateful. Such a kind wonderful gesture. I can’t thank you enough”  “How wonderful life would be if it was filled by people like you”  – this would not be possible without the support of the community who see the value of easing the burden for someone who is already buckling under everything that comes with cancer. THANK YOU 😍